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Production - David Webb.

Formations is the first collection of refined sounds, noises and atmospheres from, or after various lively sessions/parties, together with additional pieces. The album has been designed to be to experienced from start to finish as a kind of voyage. Recordings produced over a few years on a DIY budget._ Music for a Sunday mindset...


released February 21, 2010

David Webb -
guitars, bass, drums/rhythms, keys, computing, words

Alex Massouh - vocals, words
Kerry-Ann Scambler - vocals
Rick Senley - extra guitar (13/11/9)
Rich Linford - keys
Lynsey McIntyre - vocals (2)
+ some loops

Recorded, Edited & Mixed in lounges and bedrooms,
Ealing, London, UK, 2006-2010 - David Webb.

Artwork & Design - David Webb.



all rights reserved


Islands Of Escape Ealing, UK

Music project of
Dave Datalayer


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Track Name: Enlightenment
Crystallized Temples Ride up
Crystalised The mountain Temples
I can see the crystaline Christ alive
The trees in bloom Sea and sky
I'm feeling like a christ In the mind's eye
I'm feeling like a christ Praying on my mind Feeling fine
Sunshine Everythings fine Feeling Alive
I can see a million miles I can see a million smiles
Serenity Enlightenment above the clouds
I can see a million smiles
Track Name: Sea Of Love
Sea Of Love
Drifting on love yeah I'm drifting on love yeah
Watching waves break from above
Breaking free Something from above
'Cause I'm sailing, sailing free
Over the sea Over the sea of love
In a hole
Drifting on love drifting on love
Yeah I'm drifting
Feeling the waves breaking free breaking free
Drifting on a sea of love
Track Name: Music From The Moon
Music From The Moon
Moon and stars
The great beyond
The great beyond
Weightless now
Endless space
Great beyond
Watching the world
Millions of
No gravitation
Earth like planets
Track Name: Dancing In Heaven
Dancing In Heaven
It all started in line Had to stop my feet
Bouncers on the door Checking in the peeps
Once inside I didn't give a fuck
Dancing to the light everything was buff
Smiling, gulping, flying in love
Everything was loved up
Gurning, churning its almost too much
Loved up coming down hugged up
I was watered like a fish
Heavenly delights and sweating like a fridge

Darkly days trapped in the sin bin
Trapped in the sin bin
Clouds were glowing The glowing clouds
Drifting around Coming down

Trapped in the sin bin Ecstasy
Trapped in the sin bin Heaven
Darkly crazed darkley crazed
Trapped in the sin bin
Hesitating Hesitating

Dancing Heaven
Dancing in heaven way past eleven
Dancing in heaven right after eleven
Dancing in heaven why can't it always be like this?
Heaven on earth checking in the peeps
Loved up dancing in heaven
Coming down
Trapped in the sin bin darkley
So why can't you dance in heaven?
Dance in heaven
Track Name: Snow
Up in the mountain
The opposite to mellow
Just read between the lines
Do I feel fine?
Do you really think i feel fine?
So much snow the opposite to mellow
The opposite to mellow
Everything I do just makes it better
I got good times running through my mind

Good times in my mind
The opposite to mellow
Just read between the lines
Do I feel fine?
So much snow
Over the mountains (Closer to heaven)

My heart is burning
I look right through the mirror at my reflection
An eternal detention
And so it would seem
Its snowing forever on my expedition pole to pole
In my mind
I'm a hero
In my frozen home In my frozen

I got good times yeah
Running through my mind
I'm like a hero the opposite to mellow yeah

I look over the mountains The glacier grows
The eagle flys Closer to heaven the air is pure
Closer to heaven

The dawn of a new day
I walk onto fresh snow
That falls in the mountains
Where I now love to roam
Read between the lines
Do I feel fine?
In the mountains
Where I now love to roam
Track Name: Another Day
Another Day
Sitting now
In a wreakage town broken buildings all around
Something happened in the night
Something that seemed so right
I was in a jungle
Trees were flamming bright
Helicopters, soldiers, surfing
Colonel Ks and a tropical haze
Panic and play another day
And now personal effects fill the streets
I go to the beach
And I watch the sea
I watch the waves
Slowely rise and break
I took a trip to the promised land
And I brought back a set of dark doors
Yeah the river flowed it flowed white waters
Through me on a course
Colisions and visions of panic and play
Another day
Fire liners and recliners
Another day
Now I see dirty feet and shakey ground
Fuck right through
Ain't that the truth?
On the recovery trail again
The dreams and schemes of yesterday
Stowed away on a boat
I wait at the harbour
Ah pleasure and pain such a shame
Pleasure and pain such a shame
I saw it all
The mind escapes
The mind escape
The mind escape
Another day I had a play
Mind games led me astray
And that
Summer rain
Another day
Track Name: Sunrise Noises
Sunrise Noises
Its very much on the edge
Here's fine
You've got your own
The twilight zone
See ya later
We're in our own world
It doesn't matter whats going on around us
We're in our own world
We're in our own world
We're in our own world
Track Name: Coma Dreams
Coma Dreams
Every cloud
Every cloud
Beyond the supernatural
The way we are
Consciousness and unconsciousness
Parallel state of consciousness and unconsciousness
They may be awake or they may be asleep
Every cloud
Every cloud
There's a lot of things crazy crazy
As I close my eyes
I slip in to unconsciousness
Maybe semi consciousness
The things out of my control begin to envelope me
And I believe
And I believe
Oh why
And I become lighter
Like that cloud without the silver lining
Or with
You tell you show
Oh why doesn't your cloud envelope me?
Something something